Sunday, August 11, 2013

A New Favorite Low-Budget Teaching Store

While visiting my tiny hometown this past weekend, I stopped at a store to grab some cat food. Now, I've frequented this particular chain of stores before in various location but this experience was a little special. After picking up the food, my teacher-instincts led me to the school section (just in case), even though my past history with the store reminded me there was no "teaching" section. Until, I turned the corner and I saw it: a variety of new teaching and learning resources! One thing led to another under the big yellow and black sign and soon I walked out with this:

Now, I realize the previous picture is a little overstimulating but don't worry, the price wasn't! All of the resources I purchased were $1 each. This, combined with the excitement of realizing Dollar General also carries such resources, made for one great morning. Yes, you read correctly: Dollar General now has a teaching section! 

They sell traditional favorites:

They sell new"hands on" learning supplies:

I intend on laminating most of the resources for durability but can't wait to add them to my classroom! After this purchase, going across the street to another great store with teaching and learning items seemed like a must.

What is your favorite discount supply store?

Happy Teaching!
Kortnie C.

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