Monday, September 30, 2013

Alphabet Clip-Ons (A Fine Motor Task Pack)

Posting two nights in a row makes me feel like quite the overachiever but with tonight's post, I've uploaded one of my absolute favorite resources to my TpT Store!


I've created a set of 52 phonemic awareness alphabet clip-ons! Keeping in mind the value of differentiated instruction, I included two levels for my learners (with, most likely, more to come).

The first set asks the kiddo to match a letter to the correct picture. For instance, F is for fish and G is for green.

The second set asks the learner to match a picture to the correct letter, like apple and "A" or dog and "D."

With either set, the topography (what the response "looks like") can vary. To start, a learner may point to the correct answer. Circling the letter is a quick way, as well. My favorite way, though, is for students to cover the correct answer with a clothespin (yes, yes the ever trusty clothespin!).

The best part is, this product is super easy to assemble... just print, laminate, and cut! Download it soon here from my TpT store!

As you can tell, I'm still on the independent learning task kick... mostly because my co-teacher does most of the whole group planning but I'm also very excited to share some of my "Fall into Fun" activities over the next few months. In fact, I promise that my next post won't use clothespins at all! ;)

Happy Teaching!
Kortnie C.

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