Saturday, September 21, 2013

Environmental Print Cards (FREEBIE)

As we delve deeper into the school year, we are beginning to target new, specific skills for our students. One such skill is reading environmental print. Environmental print is just about any words/phrases within an individual's natural context. Common examples are labels on food boxes, restaurant logos, and traffic signs.

Explicitly teaching these words to kiddos will benefit them many ways by expanding their receptive and expressive language. Environmental print is a practical starting point for teaching some individuals how to read.

To teach this skill, I made a set of Environmental Print Cards available (for FREE!) in my TpT store.

Even if your kiddos know how to read, these could be great practice for learning more practical words. I plan on fading the picture out over time until they are reading just the word, without the remainder of the logo.

Any suggestions of words for my second set?

Happy Teaching,
Kortnie C.

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