Monday, September 2, 2013

Line Up Visual (100th Like Surprise Flash Freebie!)

This post is coming a little later in the day than I anticipated. Cleaning my entire house didn't help especially after I noticed something very alarming.

I know: YUCK.

The name of this substance is beyond my knowledge but I'm assuming it comes from years of a wooden cabinet being unpolished or uncleaned. See, I moved into my current home (a rental) in July of this year and, well... I suppose "clean" can be a subjective word. At least I know I'll make my mom proud! Now that the cabinet debacle is resolved, I have something for you! In honor of hitting 100+ likes on Facebook, I wanted to say thank you with an extended flash freebie! This freebie will only be free for two hours so snag it up quick!

Lining up is often difficult for individuals of any type, even adults. But really, who wants to wait in line? To help my students with this skill, I created a line up visual for positioning on the floor. When I first did this, I used plain ol' construction paper and scissors (a pic of that to come later). Although it served it's purpose, I wanted to make it more functional and physically appealing.

Now we can line up by name, number, or color! I love how the differentiation is built into this resource. By assigning each student a number or color, they automatically know where to stand in line. Plus, it helps keep it! If a student is absent, we simply skip over their spot. Right now, I'm working on making a printable version of these for on-the-go. Remember, this resource will be free for only two hours tonight! Grab it or take a shot at making your own!

Grab the flash freebie here!

Happy Teaching,
Kortnie C.

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