Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fine Motor Number Word Clip-Ons

A few weeks ago, I posted about explicitly teaching students to read environmental print; so far, that's been a big success. To check out my FREE packet of environmental print cards, click here!

On a related note, we've been working a bit harder lately on teaching some of our kiddos more sight words, including number words. To transfer this skill to an independent level, I created Number Word Clip-Ons!  [If you can't tell.. clip-ons are a new favorite of mine. I love the ever-trusty file folders but my time has been severely limited lately. Clip-ons are as easy as print, laminate, cut, and clip!]

I've been using Discrete Trial Instruction (DTI) to teach one kiddo in particular the number words for one through five. At first, he sought immediate feedback when completing the corresponding clip-ons but today he had his "ah-ha" moment when discriminating between the ever-so-tricky "four" and "five." A little extra exposure to the task in a new context has really helped shape this skill. I'm sure he will be progressing onto six through ten in no time!

Of course I would catch myself smiling about this big win, even hours later while typing this post. I hope these work as well for your kiddos as they do for mine!

Grab your copy of this resource from my TpT Store.

Happy Teaching!
Kortnie C.

P.S. This resource would pair well with any of my other sight word packets, available here!

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