Monday, October 7, 2013

Mini-Pizza Shopping and Cooking Unit [Flash Freebie]

Today was our second CBI (Community Based Instruction) Trip of the year. So far, we're still practicing the basics: ordering from a menu, staying with the group, and finding items using a picture list.

My revelation for the day: I LOVE CBI.

Don't get me wrong, I understand the importance of academic skills but there is something special to me about teaching a kiddo skills essential for everyday life and independence. That's what CBI is all about.

In short, we visited a grocery store today to buy supplies for a snack recipe for tomorrow afternoon: Mini-Pizzas! [Don't worry: these are no-bake!] I made these this past summer with some of my Carpe Diem Academy kiddos and they loved the hands-on, tasty experience.

To build this unit, I created shopping lists, ingredient lists, and visual recipes for Fruit and Vegetable Mini-Pizzas.

I need a Monday night pick-me-up; just in case you're feeling the same way, grab this unit as a flash freebie in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store! It will only be free for a limited time so grab it quick!

Happy Teaching!
Kortnie C.

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