Thursday, October 31, 2013

Setting the Table: A Collection of 3 Leveled Adapted Books

This Halloween marked my first within the realm of special education and I felt a little unprepared for the whole situation. There is a pile of stuff I can't wait to do next year but, all in all, [almost all of the] kiddos loved wearing their costumes the entire day and really, what matters more? Holidays in the classroom shouldn't be about planning to the T with task analyses and crafts. Those things have their place but there's little more memorable than Batman, Superman, Thomas the Train, a witch, a ghost, and Jeff Gordon "hanging out" in my classroom.

Check out a few cute crafts we did during the month of spookiness:

Handprint Bat Craft

Torn-Paper Candy Corn

And with that, I now feel privileged to say:
The Halloween madness is over! The Halloween madness is over!

....Now, onto Thanksgiving.
(At least we have another 30 days of autumn-scented candles.)

To prep for the next big event (Thanksgiving lunch), I crafted up THREE adapted books tonight on a very important life skill: setting the table. (Don't worry, I'm not always this ahead-of-the-game.)

I leveled the books (easy, intermediate, and challenging) to meet the diverse needs of my learners. One uses repetitive language (easy), another uses ordinal words (intermediate), and the third uses prepositions (difficult).

Also, there's a bonus: all three books are available for sale as one bundle for a discounted price in my TpT Store! You read correctly, grab three adapted books (over 30 pages in the pack!) in my Setting the Table Adapted Book Bundle!


Happy Teaching!
Kortnie C.

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